LC avails academic transcription services to students, professors and researchers of the universities and colleges. We separately assign you a project manager who takes care of the academic transcription requirements of clients such as:

> Interviews

> Focus groups

> Presentations

> Conferences

> Training manuals

> Group discussions


The information that we receive via a lecture is retained by us for a short period of time. To store the knowledge for a longer period of time, it needs to be retained in the way of text, so that it can be utilized in the future. This is where academic transcription comes into use. Therefore, we avail affordable academic transcription services to students, faculty and researchers.

Why choose LC services?

Quality services:

Simply upload your files online or e-mail them to us and we will provide you with accurate transcripts within the minimum time possible. The experienced team of transcribers and quality analysts at LC handle transcriptions very efficiently and deliver each and every file with accuracy and speed.

Cost saving:

Our transcription charges are very reasonable and affordable. However, the charges may vary in case of verbatim transcriptions. The charges are also subject to change (increase) in case of urgent requirements and revisions.

Time saving:

LC offers complete transcription solutions for all kinds of businesses. We guarantee 99% accurate transcripts, regardless of the audio quality or subject matter. With a community of over 4000 transcriptionists and using advanced technology we fulfill your requirements with the quickest turnaround time and flexibility.