Business transcription requires creating a textual archive of audio or video recordings of board meetings, interviews, conference calls, focus groups or any other business interaction. We transcribe almost all kinds of file formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, etc. You can simply upload your file at any time and we will take care of the rest with utmost confidentiality and data security.

Why transcription?

Every business needs to maintain detailed records of its communications in order to avoid any disputes or lawsuits in future. It is simply not possible to remember each and every detail discussed in a meeting or conference, and that is exactly why business transcriptions are important.


It has been seen that at most business meetings, conferences or interviews, there is usually no dedicated staff member present to take down notes of the on-going proceedings. Business meetings are therefore audio recorded and then outsourced for transcription from a reliable transcription service provider.

Trained experts:

At LC, we have a pool of skilled and qualified business transcribers who are experienced in transcribing any type of recordings i.e., with variety of accents or noise in the audio. We always come up with accurate and quality business transcription services.

Save time:

Our professionally trained transcribers are at service 24/7, providing fast, efficient and accurate business transcription services to our clients all over the world.

Save money:

Along with accurately transcribed files, avail cost effective services when you choose Lingual Consultancy Services for all your business transcription needs.