Lingual Consultancy offers quality focus group transcription services to university students, professors, legal and market research professionals with quick turnaround times. Usually focus group discussions are held comprising 5 to 15 people, discussing about key issues, service improvement, introducing new products, analyzing research data, etc. Focus group transcription is usually challenging because of the number of speakers involved, overlapping speech and various accents.


The experienced transcribers and quality analysts at LC, keep in mind all the aspects and provide clients error-free transcripts every time.

Why transcription?

Focus groups prove themselves important when conducting various research and getting feedback on your company’s products and services. Focus group discussions are also vital in generating interest and brand awareness. At LC, we provide verbatim, as well as intelligent verbatim transcription services, in any file format, required by our clients with quick turnaround times.

Quality services at best rates:

Lingual Consultancy can transcribe your focus group discussions consisting multiple speakers, speech overlapping and various accents. Since, focus group discussions have a higher number of speakers, the price varies than the other transcription services we offer. We assure you that you will get accurate and quality transcription services at the best and reasonable rates.

Trained experts:

At LC, we have dedicated subject matter experts to handle focus group discussions ranging various disciplines such as legal, medical, academic, business, life sciences, etc. Every time, our team comes up with accurately transcribed files consisting of correct spelling and grammar within the allotted time span.


You can send in your recordings via e-mail or simply upload the digital audio files on our secure and easy to access website. Safety and security of our client’s data is the top most priority at LC. We use state of the art technologies to ensure integrity and confidentiality at our end.