LC has expertise in providing highly accurate and cost-effective market research transcription services. We handle all the market research transcription service including the following:

> Focus groups

> Interviews

> Surveys

> Seminars

> Conferences

> Workshops

> Group discussions


We know the importance of market research data, and therefore we provide verbatim as well as intelligent verbatim transcripts, according to the requirements of our clients with short turnaround times. Our experienced team of transcribers and quality analysts are able to handle most of the audio file formats and come up with accurate transcripts every time.

Why choose LC services?

Research studies have shown that analyzing text is comparatively much easier than analyzing audio. Therefore, it would be highly beneficial having your research audio/video files transcribed by a professional transcription agency. We can readily transcribe all your market research data and records with short turnaround times at competitive prices.

Accurate and quality services:

Our dedicated team of professional transcribers work 24/7 to meet the needs of our clients’ demands. Quality is never compromised at LC; however tight the deadlines be. Our team works effortlessly, availing quality services with short turnaround times. The transcripts are proofread by our quality analysts time and again to ensure the delivery of error-free files every time.

Best rates:

We provide the best market research transcription services in the market within the best price scale. Over the years, we have provided efficient and pocket-friendly transcription services and spread our client base worldwide.


LC can manage all your market research transcription needs, with a variety of file formats to offer. With the best team of professionals and state-of-the-art technologies we ensure maximum confidentiality and data security.