At Lingual Consultancy, we are proud to deliver reliable and quality transcription services that transcends the expectations of our clients. Our dedicated team produces transcripts of unmatched quality with timely deliveries. We follow a stringent 3-tier process for all our transcripts, i.e. TEP process (Transcription-Editing-Proofreading). The files received from our clients are reviewed and then allotted to the concerned subject matter experts, who then come up with accurate transcripts within the stipulated turnaround time.

Why transcribe your podcasts?

Transcription helps in future reference and research. The majority of interviews and business meetings are recorded so that they can be further utilized for conducting research and audits. Therefore, it is essential to get your transcriptions done from an professional transcription agency.


There a number of reasons why you should get your podcasts transcribed. To list a few:

> Audience with hearing disabilities will also be able to access your podcasts.

> Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO), resulting in higher podcast traffic.

> Easy to access podcast content (text), that can be converted into e-books.


Why choose LC services?

Accurate transcripts:

Our skilled team of transcribers, proofreaders, quality analysts are subject matter experts who always ensure to look upon each jargon and lingo related to the industry to come up with 99% accurate transcripts every time.

Diverse subject areas:

Transcription increases the searchability of the podcasts on search engines, resulting in increased podcast traffic. At LC, our services include podcast transcription for various subject areas including entertainment, news, politics, marketing, research, heath, music, etc.

Guaranteed security:

LC understands the significance of maintaining privacy of your podcasts. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and modern machinery, we are able to protect your data with highest levels of integrity and confidentiality.