Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is the process of transcribing medical reports (digital voice) dictated by physicians and other healthcare practitioners into text format. It is a highly-skilled task that requires a lot of experience and knowledge to achieve an accurate transcription. At LC, we have a dedicated team of medical transcribers taking care of all types of medical records, medical reports, etc. You can simply upload/e-mail us your requirement and our skilled professionals will take care of the rest. We follow a strict data policy and confidentiality to keep our clients’ data safe and secure. know more

Business Transcription

The team of professionals at LC efficiently manage huge bulks of business transcription projects without compromising on quality. We transcribe board meetings, interviews, conference calls, focus groups, etc. within the minimum stipulated deadline. We transcribe almost all kinds of file formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, etc. You can simply upload your file at any time and we will take care of the rest with utmost confidentiality and data security.

Our certified and experienced transcribers from all around the world make sure that we proffer our clients with quick and accurate transcribed files every time, for all the projects assigned. know more

Conference Transcription

Conference transcription important when you want to keep the relevant official details of your event archived for the future use. Conference transcription services that we provide may include office meetings, conferences, training sessions, office presentations, conventions, and more. Our highly skilled professionals transcribe your requirements with the most accurate grammar, spellings, names, etc. We ensure to follow the TEP (Translation/Transcription-Editing-Proofreading) method to increase accuracy and keeping the errors to a minimal. know more

Digital Transcription

LC has so far provided digital transcription services to a huge client base that it has created over these years. The benefits of using digital recording is that they are exceptionally clearer and compact. Hence, we transcribe almost any digital file format, which includes MP3, MP4, WMA, WMV, WAV, etc. Additionally, we also manage your CD, DVDs, cassettes, audio tapes, online audio/video or any other digital file format. Along with an efficient team of professionals and state of the art hardware and software we provide top notch digital transcription services to our clients. know more

Focus Group Transcription

Availing focus group transcription services from us is very simple. Just upload or email us your requirement and it will be fulfilled with maximum accuracy and quick turn around time. Our skilled transcriptionists get hold of almost everything and transcribe them including business discussions, market research, academic research interviews, etc. Despite the large number of speakers, duration of audio file, our team comes up with efficient focus group transcription with maximum accuracy at the most affordable rates. know more

Academic Transcription

LC avails academic transcription services to students, professors and researchers of the universities and colleges. We separately assign you a project manager who takes care of the academic transcription requirements of clients such as:

> interviews

> focus groups

> presentations

> conferences

> training manuals

> group discussions

Our transcription services come with an accuracy guarantee, limited/no errors and affordable rates. The experienced team of transcribers and quality analysts at LC, handle transcriptions across a variety of industry backgrounds such as arts, science, life science, medicine, economics, business as well as social sciences, ensuring 100% confidentiality. know more

Podcast Transcription

Podcast transcription is the process of turning a piece of audio content into written text. Use our podcast transcription service and improve your services’ search engine rankings and downloads. Our expert human transcribers, transcribe your podcasts with utmost accuracy and perfection. Simply, upload your files/e-mail us your requirement and we will transcribe your videos within the specified time. We also deliver the completed transcription file to our clients in their desired file formats. know more

Interview Transcription

Interview transcription is the process of writing down into transcript from a tape or digital recording of an interview. There can be various reasons why companies and individuals conduct recorded interviews. Some conduct it for further use in their books, news articles, blogs. The simplest way to obtain relevant information from these interviews is to have a well written transcript to refer to. At LC, we provide transcription services to a variety of projects such as: job interviews, telephonic interviews, market research interviews, media interviews, etc. With an experienced team of professionals and affordable prices in the market, we provide our clients with the most accurate transcriptions. know more

At LC, we have a dedicated team of legal transcribers that efficiently handle all the legal transcription services including legal proceedings, witness statements, testimonies, interrogations and depositions. Our team pays special attention to grammar, correct legal wording and phrasing and delivers files with lesser turnaround time. All the documents are reviewed and proofread carefully by our QC department to ensure accuracy. The proofread transcription is then delivered to the client in their desired format. We try our best to deliver the files with the quickest turnaround time possible. However, there may be certain projects with bulk files that may require more attention, time and resources. know more

Market Research Transcription

LC provides highly accurate and cost-effective market research transcription services. We provide market research transcriptions for focus groups, interviews, surveys and more. Just upload/ e-mail us your audio or video recordings and we will efficiently convert them into transcripts in your desired file format. We know the importance of market research data; hence we also provide verbatim transcriptions, keeping the original meaning intact. Our skilled team of transcribers (only human) work relentlessly and come up with accurate market research transcriptions every time.  As a result, over the years we have built trusted clients via our accurate and quick transcriptions. know more

File Formats

Lingual Consultancy is readily available to work with almost every file format according to our clients’ requirement. Simply upload your digital audio files (MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA) or send them over e-mail.

We also transcribe analogs, such as cassettes, CDs, DVDs, podcasts, videos.